A look at the Nogokpo deity of the Anlos of

Africans of yore have always believed in animism – the attribution of a living soul to plants, inanimate objects, and natural phenomena. It is what led the ancient Egyptians to ascribe so much power to the sun god Ra and of Anubis, the god of the dead. In Ghana, three shrines or deities of fearsome […]Read More

A look at Ethiopia’s historic coffee ritual

  Source: face2faceafrica.com Dating back to the 15th century, coffee arguably originated from Ethiopia. With some notable myths tracing its discovery and consumption to the Horn of Africa nation, one can confidently say its cultivation, as well as its brewing, is intertwined with some centuries-old African customs and traditions.  Popular legend has it that an Ethiopian […]Read More

Africa and the challenge of self-financing.

Africa and the challenge of self-financing The Sub-Saharan Africa is now the most region poor in the world with a GDP per capita 17 times lower than that of Developed country; and their level of lives. Moreover the solutions linked to developmental problems are known to all. Whether in the field of agriculture, health, Education […]Read More

Why should Africans give more credit to local cuisine?

The culinary art like any other practice which renders a daily service to the Man who has slowly entered his culture. African cuisine more than a practice is a form of cultural and historical expression which varies according to each people. Nowadays, globalization and the mixing of peoples offers another possibility to discover the history […]Read More


After becoming president, I once asked some members of my close protection to walk with me in town for lunch in a restaurant. We sat in one of the downtown restaurants and all of us asked for food. After a while, the waiter brought us our requests, I noticed that there is someone sitting at […]Read More

ELOM 20CE A drug does not administer itself to a

ELOM 20CE “A drug does not administer itself to a patient. Someone needs to serve it. Man is the medicine of man. What is the connection between rain, clouds and trees? Why is there salt in blood, sweat and tears? Why is sex at the center of the human body? Does the tongue quarrel with […]Read More


Europe was probably the poorest continent in the world. After the fall of the mighty Roman Empire, Europe fell into a state of total barbarism. Famines, diseases, cholera, tribal and religious crusade wars, illiteracy were the evils from which Europe suffered. An example in Paris people lived among pigs and made their need in the […]Read More

Adinkra Symbols and the Rich Akan Culture

Adinkra in 1817 Today, we will talk about Adinkra symbols of the Akanpeople of Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana. The Adinkra symbols are believed to originate in Gyaman, a former kingdom in modern day Côte d’Ivoire.  According to an Ashanti (Asante) legend, Adinkra was the name of a king of the Gyaman kingdom, Nana Kofi Adinkra.  King Adinkra was defeated and captured in a battle.  According to the legend, Nana […]Read More

Scarification: an ‘Ancient’ African Tattoo Culture

These days, many of my fellow African brothers and sisters sport tattoos of some European or foreign symbols on their skins. These symbols are usually alien to our cultures, traditions, thinking, and history. So I thought about talking about scarification, which could be called an “ancient” African culture of tattoos. For starters, Africa has a rich culture of scarification. Many cite HIV, […]Read More

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